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Currently, we've planted 30,500 trees to offset our carbon footprint building new homes.

Is It Expensive To Build A Custom Home?

What’s the one word that typically goes hand in hand with custom, hand-made, or personalized? EXPENSIVE. Ouch, that word even hurts to spell, but unfortunately it’s not always avoidable – especially when investing in a custom built property. Here at Black & White, where offering some of the most affordable custom home builders Houston has to offer is our top priority, we’ve developed a clever way to give our clients what they need, without demanding extortionate prices.

Custom and Affordable? How?

Customized FireplaceFor a start, we source our materials and supplies from reliable providers. This means that we can keep our costs low, without reducing the quality of our results. We turn to sustainable wood, durable steels, a host of glass manufacturers and a variety of other vendors to ensure that every single home that we build is as affordable as it is customizable.

How much could you save by choosing us?

We hate to talk money – especially where our competitors can see. But what we can say is that as we strive to keep our costs low while offering some of the most effective custom home building services in Texas, you can rest assured that we’ll be as affordable – if not more so – than you can imagine. We can also help you to take care of the planning and technical side of things to minimize your stress and effort, allowing you to focus on what’s important; the design.

how do we help with the design?

With our in-house designers and structural experts, of course! Every member of our team is highly skilled in their particular role and our designers are just land that you have available. We’ll dedicate our expertise to ensure that your property is the right size, the ideal shape and the correct proportions – and we’ll even take care of the blueprint on your behalf.

as experienced. We will work with you from the moment that you hire us, to ensure that you get the most out of the It’s this very blueprint that can be put forward to the planning permission committee to help you to secure approval and get your home build off to a flying start. Considering that we offer all of the above at a very affordable rate and without risking the functionality of your new home – is it any wonder why we’re considered one of the most effective custom home building companies in Texas?

To learn a bit more about our prices, to book a visit, for a free no obligation quote, or to have your questions answered by one of our experts – just get in touch with our friendly team today, and we’ll make sure to take care of your needs. Your new home doesn’t have to be mundane, and anyone that says it does needs to take a look at our portfolio. All you’ll need to do is give us a call, and we’ll get the ball rolling together.

Call Us Today And Save!

What’s the one thing that’s putting you off of your custom home building project in Texas? If we had to guess, we’d say that it was the potential price! Fortunately for you, affordability and quality goes hand in hand when hiring our team here at Black & White Construction. Our latest blog post covers the topic of expenses in a little more detail, so why not come and take a look and we’ll introduce you to our world-class construction services (which just so happen to be very affordable, too).