Trees for our clients

Currently, we've planted 30,500 trees to offset our carbon footprint building new homes.


Building “Green” once thought of as an alternative lifestyle is actually about economics and responsibility. It is san opportunity for us to use our resources efficiently while constructing buildings that improve health, create a better environment and provide significant cost savings. Innovations over time in building products have played a major role in our current construction practices. These changes meet both the economic requirements within the building community and our homeowners’ desire to be more environmentally responsible.

The new home Black and White will build with you addresses your home’s energy footprint and its impact on the environment. As builders, we are very cognizant of the need to build a greener home without taking all the “green” out of your wallet. By partnering with reputable companies we are able to insure the best prices in the market. This allows us to lower our profit margin and absorb some of the additional cost which makes our building model very “wallet friendly”. Upon completion of your home, which is built to our “Green” model’s standards, the home’s energy consumption is substantially lowered and produces a much smaller energy footprint than your neighbors.

As a “Green” company we not only incorporate environmental responsibility during the building phase of your home but give rise to continued awareness long after you have moved into your new home. When possible we choose products that have a “green” label on them. This means that these products have a lower manufacturing or application impact on the environment and most importantly, we have verified with the manufactures that the claims of these products are valid. In addition, Black and White’s disposal of waste from the construction site of your new home is done with an emphasis on recycling methods.

Once your home is built we will donate funds to plant 1000 new trees (In Your Name!) within the United States and when available directly in Texas. Here at Black and White we know that it takes on average 20+ trees to build a new home.

This number of trees varies because it is based on the height and width of the individual trees forested for the lumber used in the construction of your home.  Since a majority of the homes we have built are 4000+ square feet, we believe it takes about 60 trees to build a typical home constructed by Black and White.

As we replace the trees that were used to build your home we are also offsetting the carbon footprint that your home will use annually! So since you are planting more trees than you are actually using, you are helping to offset the construction and energy impact on our environment of an additional 17 homes!!! Now….Doesn’t that feel “Green”??