Trees for our clients

Currently, we've planted 30,500 trees to offset our carbon footprint building new homes.

Making Housing Affordable

For most people, the family home is the single biggest purchase that they will ever make. It seems unfortunate, then, that so many families will purchase a mundane property that was designed for ‘the average family’ rather than for them and their specific needs. Self-building was a popular pursuit a couple of decades ago, but…

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The Evolution of Interior Design

Decorating your home is important. The right decorations and colors can drastically improve your mood. In fact, home decorating is something that people have been doing for centuries. If you’d like to know a bit more on the evolution of interior design, continue reading to discover some interesting facts that you might not have known:…

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Finding A Qualified Custom Kitchen Remodeler In Houston Tx

Do you want to remodel your kitchen and give it a fresh new look? You need to find the right kitchen remodeler because they will be the biggest part of the project’s success or failure. The following are ways that help you discover the perfect kitchen remodeler with the skills, tools, and experience needed to…

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What Exactly are the Differences Between Single and Double Glazed Windows?

Here at Black & White Construction, where we’re proud to be considered one of the most affordable custom home builders Houston has to offer – we often find ourselves being asked about the differences between single and double glazed windows. Sure, there’s one major variation between the two types of window, and that’s the one…

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Is It Expensive To Build A Custom Home?

What’s the one word that typically goes hand in hand with custom, hand-made, or personalized? EXPENSIVE. Ouch, that word even hurts to spell, but unfortunately it’s not always avoidable – especially when investing in a custom built property. Here at Black & White, where offering some of the most affordable custom home builders Houston has…

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Affordable Custom Home Builders in Houston Texas

Who Says You Can’t FIND AFFORDABLE CUSTOM HOME BUILDERS IN HOUSTON? We come across so many people that have been forced to settle for mundane properties. When we say mundane, we’re talking about monotonous designs, regular features, and typical functionality. Here at Black & White Custom Homes we strive to offer a more unique service…

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