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Currently, we've planted 30,500 trees to offset our carbon footprint building new homes.

Affordable Custom Home Builders in Houston Texas


We come across so many people that have been forced to settle for mundane properties. When we say mundane, we’re talking about monotonous designs, regular features, and typical functionality. Here at Black & White Custom Homes we strive to offer a more unique service to our clients; one that can allow them to enjoy their ideal custom home at an affordable price.  We are a top notch home builder serving the general Houston area.

We’ve been offering our services to the entirety of Harris County for years now – and over the years we’ve developed a reputation for reliability, quality and effectiveness. Whether you’re a new home buyer, a property developer, or if you simply like the idea of upgrading your current home; then we could very well be the team for you.

What makes a custom home builder affordable in Houston?

Boy oh boy is that a difficult question. To answer it we’d have to say that there’s actually no such thing as the perfect home; just properties that are ideally suited to particular people. Say for example that you are after something a little more modern, the chances are that you’ll want to take advantage of the latest features and functions offered by practical homes.

But this style might not be ideal for those of you that prefer a little vintage in your lifestyle, especially those that enjoy traditional builds with authentic features. Fortunately for you, our team of experts specialize in an incredible range of construction services to suit a range of needs and expectations.

Do we just build affordable custom homes in houston?

Of course not! We also construct pools and garages – and we can even renovate particular parts of your property to update their look and feel. We hate the thought of our clients feeling like they are stuck for ideas, and that’s why our designers can offer advice and provide information relating to your options – all to help you to achieve the ideal home for your budget.

Over the years we’ve built huge properties, as well as small ones. We’ve converted kitchens, and we’ve customized swimming pools. When it comes to construction we genuinely know what we are talking about, and whether you’re located towards the Greenway Plaze, if you’re in Houston Heights, or nearby the stunning surroundings of Lake Conroe – we are here to help.

The next time that someone says that you should settle for what everyone else has, just remind them that you have a team of expert designers, builders, and contractors behind you. We are Black & White, and like our name, everything that we do is as clear and effective as you could ever imagine. We’ll take care of the planning, the construction, and the features.

All that you’ll need to do is sit back and watch our experts do what they do best. Soon enough you and your family will be enjoying all that your new features have to offer, so why not get in touch with us today for a quote, or to get your project underway?